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ESGS 2016

This 3U 16-bay comprehensive unified storage with 12GB/s drive interface was designed with great performance and cloud integration in mind. It provides all the benefits of SAN, NAS, and object storage together in one single system, offering powerful storage features while simplifying management and deployment. Furthermore, high availability can be achieved with redundant dual controllers to ensure non-disruptive operations.

Product Advantages

  • Unified Storage
  • Simplicity
  • Exceptional Cost Performance
  • Cloud Integrated
  • Availability & Reliability
Unified Storage Combined block and file storage into a single system for simplicity and efficiency
Dual host board and hybrid Doubled and expandable bandwidth
design Multiply the flexibility and connection versatility of networked storage
  Combine diverse connectivity environments on one system for greater utility
Full 12Gb/s SAS integration, including drive and host sides Speeds up performance with the latest 12Gb/s SAS technology includeing drive and host sides
Dual controllers and SMB 3.0 transparent failover Support fast failover and high data availability to minimize the business impact on service availability in case of planned/ unplanned outages
Cloud Cache Connect to cloud and automatically migrate data between on-premise storage and cloud-based storage
  Reduce footprint to cloud with deduplication and compression
  Encrypted data based on AES 256-bit algorithm for in-flight and at-rest data
SSD Cache Accelerates performance for random read-intensive applications
Automated storage tiering Easily meet different service level requirements with up to four tiers distinguished by drive types and RAID levels
  Achieve optimized data distribution in storage pool with automated data migration
Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) Smarter media scan and effortless drive clone and replace
Secure Remote Replication The backup to offsite locations provides very reliable and safe disaster recovery
  Up to 64 pairs ensure entire volumes acn abe backed up with minimal effort as data grows
Multi-target snapshot With up to 4096 targets, always have backups to recover vital data at different points in time
EonOne management interface User friendly browser-based deployment and management
  Flexible workflow to automate repeatable storage managment tasks
  Storage resource management enbales IT to analyze and optimize system resource to improve ROI